Never forget the values behind every project of POS,Lda:
Nunca se esqueça dos valores presentes em cada projecto POS,Lda:

“ Since the foundation of POS.Lda in 2001, the most important assets are our people, our independence and our reputation.

Our continued success and growth as a company is testament of the quality, integrity and professionalism of our personnel and their education, hard work and commitment to serving the high expectation of our clients."



“ Desde a fundação da POS.Lda em 2001, os activos mais importantes são as nossas pessoas, a nossa independência e a nossa reputação.

O nosso continuo crescimento e sucesso como empresa é o testemunho da nossa qualidade, integridade e profissionalismo do nosso pessoal e da sua educação, trabalho árduo e compromisso em servir as altas espectativas dos nossos clientes."

"Definitely an Angolan Company responding to our Intenational Standards of Operation"

Oil & Gas Operator, 2008



"I could not expect better support that I did received from POS Team when I had to be medivac from Soyo to South Africa. Thank you again, bless you"

POS Engineer operating in BP / Wood Group project in Soyo, November 2011  




"A light in the world of services companies"

International Oil & Gas Operator, May 2013




"What a relief to get the understanding and response for our needs...Thank you POS Team for your complete and dedicate support !"

Oil&Gas Operator 2010 


"Your requests are our challenges"